[Writing] Poetry — background on writing Instep

I wrote Instep for a specific publication’s open submissions about eight months ago. It was supposed to be a pretty big poetry anthology being created. At the time I had another poem I was thinking about submitting but when time came to actually send something in (of course I waited until the very last minute, despite having something on hand to send in) I decided I didn’t want to send the thing I had ready to go. Instead, I had an idea for this poem and decided to write and polish it on the last day submissions were open.

It wasn’t exactly a new idea for me though. I know a lot of dancers and have written a few fiction short stories about dancing or dancers before. Almost a decade ago, I wrote a short piece for an online community about a dancer being driven home after a big performance that has some of the same themes of Instep. So this theme wasn’t new to me and in fact Instep is pretty much that specific short story condensed down to its most basic parts. Putting it together into a poem format was pretty simple using that story as a template. It’s not my normal poetry style, but I was pretty pleased with it when I sent it off.

Last week I received the rejection notice for it. I’m disappointed obviously, but I guess I’m not super surprised given that this specific anthology was going to have a higher pool of submissions than your typical publication. (It’s not out yet, so I’m not going to name what it is.)

However, since it’s a little different, a little simpler than what I’d normally write, I’m not super keen on trying to resubmit it elsewhere. But I don’t want to toss it in a digital drawer and forget about it. So, I’m putting it up here and I hope people enjoy it.

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