Scrappy Little Nobody by Anna Kendrick; reading different and switching up genres

Typically I read a lot of fantasy, modern (read: urban) and low-magic, but I also love a good historical fiction or horror novel. As not picky as I am about music, I tend to be pretty particular about the stuff I read. But lately, I’ve been a little tired of fiction, finding it difficult to get through the ends of books if it slows down even a little. I talked a little bit about it when I talked about reading Mamrie’s book. But since then I’ve picked up a few other memoir/non-fiction/celebrity kind of books to read. They tend to be a little short reads, but since they’re typically set up in short chapters/stories as well it feels like they’re faster too.

I finished Scrappy Little Nobody by Anna Kendrick today. Memoir isn’t really the right word but it’s sort of a collection of her stories of getting into show business and the business of being a sort of an anxiety-ridden misanthrope. I’m a fan of her work both musicals and movies, I even saw Camp, which is … recommended only if you’re a fan of musicals and can stomach a poor teen comedy.

Anyway, I enjoyed her stories and honestly, it was just kind of nice to be grounded in stories about places and things that are recognizeable. It’s less work for my stressed brain. It might be one of the reasons I’m enjoying podcasts that are less about adventures and fantasy as well. As much fun as escapist fantasy can be, personally I think it requires more thought on my part that I’m not in the mood for lately. Especially on busy or stressful days.

I don’t know if anyone else is like this too. I doesn’t happen to me very often at all but this is lingering a little. Next up, I picked up I Know I Am, But What Are You? by Samantha Bee.

Educating Emma by Kira Devlin

educating emma book coverI recently spent a few hours with the new novel by a friend of mine, Kira Devlin. She’s written a short novella length erotic romance novel titled Educating Emma. It’s got a “Happily for Now” kind of ending, and the majority of the novel gives us a glimpse into the BDSM lifestyle of a university professor named Grant Morgan and his recently graduated assistant, Emma. After a year of working together in close quarters, attracted to each other but hiding it as well as they can manage, Grant and Emma both find themselves at a party looking to hook up with partners to distract them and let out a little pent up tension. What they don’t expect is to run into each other.

What follows is a look at the sort of lifestyle Professor Morgan leads behind closed doors, one that Emma is very intrigued by. There’s a good bit of character development with these two characters as we meet them on Emma’s last day in the Professor’s office and we see the thoughts of both of them leading up to the party, including their desires for each other, leading them to need the kind of night that’s at the crux of the story. The Dominant/Submissive relationship is handled patiently and intimately between the characters, and the reader is along for each moment Emma has to check in with herself to make sure she knows what she’s getting into.

The book is up on Amazon for $0.99 and if erom novels are your thing, it’s a small price to pay for admission. I gave it 5 stars over on Goodreads.

She may be graduating, but her education is just beginning …

For Emma, working for Professor Morgan has been pure torture. His commanding presence gives her the kind of ideas that no grad student should entertain about her boss. So when a friend offers her a chance to live out her forbidden fantasies, she jumps at the chance. Maybe if she can find a man to give her the dominance she needs, she’ll forget all about the thrill she gets in her professor’s presence …

Grant Morgan needs an outlet for his desire, one with lush curves and a taste for submission – one that isn’t relying on him to write a professional recommendation. He’s kept a tight leash on his instincts around Emma, but now that she’s leaving, he’s in desperate need of release. A private party should be exactly what he’s looking for.

But when that party brings him face to face with Emma, Grant finds that he has a lot more to teach her than he ever dared to dream …