MisCast 2018 — Robbie Fairchild “The Music and the Mirror” from A CHORUS LINE

Every year the MCC Theater in NYC puts on the MisCast Gala where a handful of Broadway actors perform something from a role for which they’d never be cast. Usually this is something as simple as gender swapped performance. There’s playlists of these performances on YouTube for the last few years. This year’s playlist hasn’t been compiled yet but the videos are up on the MCC Theater channel if you want to look through them all. There’s an amazing standout video of James Monroe Iglehart singing “Satisfied” from Hamilton. Which I do love it but it’s not my favorite.

As the title of this post gives away, my favorite from this year’s performances is “The Music and the Mirror” by Robbie Fairchild. He takes Cassie’s big dance sequence and makes it his own and I LOVE IT. The original Zach, Bobby LuPone performs Zach’s lines from the audience, which is pretty awesome.

I have a long standing soft-spot for A Chorus Line since watching it years and years ago with my grandmother. She was the sort of grandma who always let me watch things that were way to adult for me, but they were always these really great performances pieces like Dirty Dancing or A Chorus Line, where she knew I’d be way more into the dancing than the story. Which I was.

And this performance is no exception. Watch and enjoy and then go back and watch some of the other performances. There’s more than a few hours of enjoyment to be had, I believe there are MisCast playlists going back to 2009 on YouTube.