Hey, this is Elizabeth but most places online I go by Cherith(e). You can find me around the internet doing a lot of things, mostly playing video games, writing stories, and posting pictures of my cute doggies. I’m a gamer, a writer, a knitter, a dancer, a podcaster, an artist, a sister, a wife, a mother, an analyst. By day I work with financial data and spreadsheets and reports. I’m a enormous music nerd, movie hoarder and voracious reader. I also have quite a growing makeup collection and one heck of a kickstarter backlog. I occasionally fancy myself some kind of web designer. And almost as infrequently, the MC for local dance events.

The important places to find me are as follows:

Really, I should’ve done this years ago I think; created a review site for myself. I spent eight years as the Editor-in-Chief of GamingAngels.com a gaming and tech review site for women, by women. I’ve volunteered with GamersAgainstBigotry.org, ArchiveofOurOwn.org and #INeedDiverseGames. Part of who I am, is sharing what I love about the things I love and hoping other people will enjoy them too. I also recognizes that all not voices are recognized equally and that each person brings their unique view to an experience, making it something special and different.

That’s kind of what I want this place to be. I’ll share my ideas about stuff and invite you to come and talk about them with me. I’m not out to review the newest and the latest things but as I come across something no matter how long it’s been out in the world, I’ll write about it. Maybe I’ll introduce you to something you haven’t seen before, or maybe you’ll tell me about something new I can check out. Hope you like it here. I hope I like it here. <3