One Last Thing

What is it about setting or deciding on a specific time to do something that seems to guarantee there’s always ONE MORE THING that needs doing? I’ve tried to go to bed a little early every night this week and each time I feel like there’s something I’ve forgotten to do. Last night I even tried to do it with plenty of time to finish what I was working on, let the dog out and take my meds — all the normal stuff I do. And then of course I knocked over my drink as I was getting up from my desk. Usually it’s the cats knocking my shit over. This time, my blanket knocked right into my open drink and spilled it all over my mouse and the books I keep by my computer at all times.

But having to clean that up got me thinking how often I’m picking up stuff or doing one last thing before I go to bed. It’s a little like playing The Sims or Civilization or whatever your RTS game of choice is, where you always want to take one more turn before saving and closing down your game.

I can’t be the only one that feels like there’s always one more thing that needs doing anytime you’re about to do something else? I’m sure it has more to do about our fallible human memories that makes us do this. Or at least my specifically horrible one.

Author: Cherith

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