Halfsies dice; Superdice in super blue and heroic red

Forever ago, Matt kickstarted the Halfsies dice campaign. We were able to pick up four sets of dice and I got the Superdice (blue and red) and the Davinci dice (black and gold). We just got them in the mail today, but I had a D&D game tonight so I was able to put my new Superdice to use on my earth genasi bard, Ariyaris. That’s it. I just want to show of my new dice and say how well they did for me out of the box. Ari rolled two nat 20s tonight and at least one nat 12 for damage. So they’re off to a good start.

My Davinci dice might turn into my GM dice for the game I run on Wednesdays, as long as the cats don’t bother me. They didn’t seem to care for them tonight, but they almost always want to be on my desk when I’m surrounded by dice, books and notes.

We would’ve had these dice long ago had some bad luck not befallen the nice guys at Gate Keeper Games in the form of a nasty fire just before GenCon last year. Thankfully, they’ve gotten things up and running and dice are available on their website. These dice are just like the tiniest skotch bigger than your standard dice from like Chessex, so keep that in mind if it matters to you. Check the all the other types they have at http://www.gatekeepergaming.com [#notspon i just like them]

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