Music: Whiskey Please by Whissel

This theme of Whiskey Please isn’t anything new, in fact, songs about your man and his liquor is pretty standard in both country and rock genres. And songs about your man being taken by someone else, well that’s just a good 90% of all female-led lyrics (a rough guesstimate).

Whissell’s song here, Whiskey Please, gives those themes a little mashup in something that’s a little reminiscent (to me) of Dolly Parton’s, Jolene. This isn’t a song of complaining or even of anger. This is a song where a women is begging for her man back, begging for the alcohol to let him go. We know it doesn’t work like that, but as someone who has some first hand alcoholics, I very much the understand the wish that it did. And it doesn’t at all hurt that Whissell has this deep voice, something that reads as strained from tears or something more.

I’ve been listening to a lot of her stuff lately and just really enjoying her voice and the sort of badassitude that comes across in a lot of her songs.


February Mixtape B-side: Schwarmerei; dudes edition

I really love the ladies edition of this mixtape theme that I put up last week. However, it left out a couple of songs that I really wanted to include somehow. So, I’ve got a dudes edition (male singers) that hopefully has the same kind of badass attitude that the ladies side had. And really, if you only listen to one song from this playlist? Make sure it’s the last song.

You can grab the ladies version of this theme I put up at my post here.

As a reminder these were put together as part of the February mixtape challenge put together by Eve @ Twist in the Taile and Evi @ Adventuring Through Pages, The word for this month’s challenge is schwarmerei. You can find the prompt post for this month here.

Tracklist: i. temperature – machel montano; ii. do it – tuxedo; iii. happy – c2c; iv. harder better faster stronger – daft punk; v. champion – fall out boy; vi. someone new – hozier; vii. don’t stop me now – queen; viii. two fux – adam lambert

February Mixtape: Schwarmerei; ladies edition

Inspired by the word for the february mixtape challenge as created by Eve @ Twist in the Taile and Evi @ Adventuring Through Pages, I bring you a playlist for February. The word for this month’s challenge is schwarmerei: n. You can find the prompt for this month here.
As I started putting songs together I was sort of inspired to only put songs on the list sung by ladies, and sort of my go-to songs for putting myself in a good mood. You can find the playlist on Spotify here.
Track List: i. confident – demi lovato; ii. my lovin’ (you’re never gonna get it) – en vogue; iii. freak like me – halestorm; ivlove myself – qveen herby; v. good as hell – lizzo; vi. what have you done for me lately – janet jackson; vii. that’s my girl – fifth harmony; viii. flawless – beyoncé