First We Feast: Hot Ones with Charlize Theron

If you’ve never watched Hot Ones before, you’re missing out on a great interview show. In it the host, Sean Evans, interviews a celebrity while they both take down ten chicken wings made with hot sauces of increasing intensity on the Scoville scale. Between each wing, Sean asks questions of his guests that are usually a little unique (like the format) and always entertaining. It also doesn’t rely on 10-15 minutes of a guest plugging their latest project like on so many night time talk shows. Even at the end when Sean offers his guests a moment to plug whatever it is they want to — rarely do the guests actually do so in a way that feels played out.

The video below is the most recent episode where Charlize Theron takes the heat (like a champ) and is as charming and personable as I’d hoped she’d be. If you’ve never watched an episode, start with this one. Then, you’ve got more than a 100 episodes to watch back if you like the style.