Artwork: Libro de Pequeñas Manchas de Tinta

My friend Summer runs a poultry sanctuary, A Flock Between Pastures, where she’s been caring for roosters, hens and peacocks for the last three years. She’s also an artist, creating wonderful drawings and unique handcrafted pottery. Recently, she’s collected her works from Inktober (last October) into a handcrafted a book full of awesome ink drawings and a collection of rituals, spells and practices to go along with them.

From her shop description
Completely handmade booklet of my Inktober 2017 project, Libro de Pequeñas Manchas de Tinta has 31 illustrations, plus background information on each. Also included in the booklet is a brief explanation of my thought process in making this booklet and putting the theme for Inktober 2017 together.

  • Cover is card stock with embossed logo
  • Interior pages of the booklet are all handmade
  • Lokta paper from Nepal 
  • Binding is waxed linen thread, hand bound
  • Each copy is handmade, signed, and numbered.

This book is for sale now at her storeenvy shop: For $15 you can help support an artist and get an amazing handcrafted book.

While you’re there, check out her other awesome drawings and ceramic work.

And please check out her website to learn more about her sanctuary, A Flock Between Pastures and the Patreon she’s set up to help keep it running.

As a patron, you will be helping to feed the animals of A Flock Between Pastures on a monthly basis and get access to merchandise and artwork at a discounted price, exclusive one-of-a-kind digital artwork, videos, and more. You can also “sponsor” any of the birds and get a monthly care package from them, if you want.