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best damn beauty cleanserI’m in love. I’d been looking for a cleanser that would do everything my favorite by waaaaay more expensive face wash would do, and I’ve found it. I have been using the Arbonne Fresh & Clean face cleanser for about a year and a half and it does everything I want it to do. But when I started to get low, I looked for something new that would work the same for a less expensive price. Everything Arbonne is pricy and I don’t like feeling pressured to buy from them, or having to join their club for discounts or whatever. It’s a pain.

Enter the perfect timing from Best Damn Beauty. If you don’t know them, Best Damn Beauty is the brainchild of Nicole Guerriero, a YouTube beauty vlogger. When it first launched, there were two products, the lip mask and the facial mask. I ordered them (they’re pricey but worth it) and loved them. Since then, I’ve tried everything from the line so far and while it takes a little faith to order consider how new the products are – I’ve been pleased with everything so far. The new cleanser is no exception.

It’s not a liquid kind of consistency, it’s a foam but I can wash off a full-faced of make up in one wash (2 pumps). When I’ve washed it off my face still feels moisturized after, it doesn’t irritate my sensitive eyes and there’s no residue left over. The foam actually starts to fade really quickly after you apply it to your face, which is the only thing I’m not crazy about because I feel like I have to wash quickly. But when I’m done I get a clean, fresh face. There is a rosey, floral scent but it fades gracefully and isn’t super strong. I pair this with a pump of the firming serum and a few of the facial spray and it feels like a treat.

Everything in the Best Damn Beauty line has a rose/floral scent and settles on the skin with a sweet floral, less rosey scent. If you don’t like floral scents, it might not be for you. I have a really sensitive sense of smell – strong scents give me horrible migraines – and I love the smell of these products because they’re sweeter and don’t settle too floral or musky. Perfect for me.


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