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23.02.2007 :: Added Jae, Changed info for Ava. As a note, I will NOT be accepting Myspace sites. I have not in the past accepted LiveJournal sites, or other Community Blog type sites, I think taking in MySpace sites is just asking for trouble.

07.01.2007 :: Had loads of problems with old email code of the new member requests. Since I've switched it seems to be working much better. If I've missed anyone, please send me an email. Added Angie & Elly.

15.05.2006 :: Sorry! Really behind on getting updates done (busy with RL stuff lately). Added Gene, Kim, Kelly & Temwa. Changed info for DismalGrin, Minerva, Jasmine Rose & Angela. Thanks.

11.02.2006 :: Added Heather (2), Lupa, Wyther Wyskers. Changed info for Angela & Ava.
10.02.2006 :: Did a lot of cleaning. I apologize to those of you that recently applied or tried to submit changes, for the form being broken. It should be fixed now. I'm also working on getting those people added.

12.10.2005 :: Changes: Evylyn Rose & Witchy. Added: Jasmine Rose.
03.09.2005 :: Added Heather & Ravyn.
24.07.2005 :: Added Cody Lynn, Sarah (2), Ava & Alexis
02.07.2005 :: Added Serenity, Samara & Joyce.
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15.05.2005 :: Added Alice.

This is a clique that was created by Irene Wolfson for the Pagan Community, to offer an alternate place to be listed. Please, read over the rules, and if you feel that what you find therein is something that describes you, please... join!

This is hardly an elite clique, so the rules are simple:
Please Read : You must have a website - one that is at least pleasant to the eye and is neither one you threw together (ie., no broken images or links, flashing backgrounds, playing midis, bright text, etc.) or copied;
Said website MUST be in ENGLISH and updated regularly;
Please no "under construction" signs and if you go on hiatus, please make sure I can still access where you have placed the code;
The code must be up before you submit;
The code must be placed somewhere visible, either on a splash page or cliques page;
Please submit your real url, no redirecting ones, ie., "cjb.net", "dot.nu", etc;
When submitting your url, submit your actual site url, not your cliques page;
No excessive cursing, anti-paganism, satanism, sticky caps or typing like "u, ur, ne1, ru", etc., as this is not proper English;
Where it says "How do you fly?", type in "On a broom!";
Pick only one deity. (I will allow you to choose "The Goddess and the God", but that is the only pair. And no, your deity does NOT have to be feminine. You may choose a God.)

Drawing Down The Moon is proud to be affiliated with the following cliques.

Elemental Spirits
Oh My Goddess!
Merry Meet
Crystal Tears


Alexis // Apollo
Alice // Isis
Alicia // The Triple Goddess & Consort
Amanda // Aradia
Andrea Doria // Demeter
Angela // The God & Goddess
Angie // The Lord & Lady
Annah // Epona
Ari // Artemis
Ashley // Aradia
Ashurii // Fauna
Asiya // Thoth
Ava // Dionysus
Baph // Pales
Bec // Bridget
Beth // Maebe
Blair // Danu
Bunnie // Athena
Chi // Yemaya
Christy // Astrild
Cilla // Freya
Cindy // Kwan-Yin
Cody Lynn // The Goddess
Cole // Morrigan
Crys // Athena
Dana// Diana
Disco Doll // The Mother
DismalGrin // The Goddess
Drezden // Cali
Elerah // Tara
Elly // Brigid
Elizabeth // Fortuna
Elizabeth(02) // Goddess
Ellora // Isis
Erik // Eros
Evylyn Rose // Coventina
Gene // Hekate
Gwen // Rhiannon
Heather // Aphrodite
Heather (2) // Isis
Irene // Kwan Yin
Jae // Isis
Jaime // Cerridwen
Jasmine // Saraswati
Jasmine Rose // Macha
Jessica // The Goddess & Consort
Joyce // Brigit

Karyn-Noelle // Artume
Katherine // The God & Goddess
Katrin // Hestia
Kelly // Hecate
Kirsty // Diana
Kim // Aphrodite
Kriselda // Thor
Lady Morgana // Cerridwen
Laura // The Green Man
Laura // Hades
Lery // Gaia
Lissa // Artemis
Lupa // Ancasta
MacLamont // The Green Man
Marina // Athene
Meghan // Venus
Meghan // Mary Magdalene
Minerva // Kwan Yin
MoonMorgan // Isis
Moonwatcher // Artemis
Moriko // Athena
Natalie // Persephone
Neysa // Aphrodite
Nyli // Isis
Oasis // Diana
Poofie // Kwan Yin
Ravyn // Goddess & God
Regann // Ariadne
Rhiannon Solana // Rhiannon
Rosemary Katherine // Pan
Ruth // The Green Man
Samara // Nemesis
Sandra // Brighid
Sarah // Brigid
Sarah 2 // The God & Goddess
Saskya // The Goddess
Skylark // Rhiannon
Serenity // Psyche
Shivon // Goddess
Sif // Earth Mother
Siren // The God & Goddess
Sprite // Bastet
Temwa // Bast
The Prynce // Horus
Tiarra // Isis
Ti-Jae // Freya
Tonibaby // The God & Goddess
Wyther Wyskers // Bastet
Witchy // Hecate
Zoe // Lilith

Set codes to link

Text Code:
drawing down the moon )O( yourchoice

Both codes above donated by Elerah

Many thanks to Sabrina for this image.

Many thanks to Jennifer for this image.

thanks to jana

Make sure all links are set to

Email:ddtm @scattereddelusions.com
Yahoo ICQ::327320606


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(ddtm @ scattereddelusions.com)
And please make sure you've read all the rules before applying.

How do you ride?:

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Form not working?
(ddtm @ scattereddelusions.com)


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