The Mads are Back @ the Alamo Drafthouse KC

Saturday night Matt and I went to the Alamo to see The Mads are Back show live. Trace Beaulieu & Frank Conniff travel around doing shows a little like the Rifftrax crew or the current MST3K crew. They pick an old B movie to riff with one or two shorts. Frank & Trace also did a signing before and after, along with a Q&A after the show.

Frank and Trace created, wrote, and starred as Dr. Clayton Forrester/Crow T. Robot (Trace) and TV’s Frank (Frank). Saturday we watched the movie, The Choppers (another Arch Hall Sr. great) starring Arch Hall Jr. The Choppers is a movie about a gang of teenage boys that’ve gotten into the business of chopping cars and selling the parts to a local junk yard.

As seems to be typical of the Arch Hall Sr. movies, his son plays his own music in The Choppers. There are a couple of scenes in this one where Arch Hall Jr. is either playing the guitar or listening to the radio on which his music is playing. Nothing is ever said about these songs belonging to Arch Hall Jr. it’s just a fun piece of trivia. I’ve included a clip down below (thanks YouTube).

I’ve seen a lot of bad movies at these events and no matter which group is doing the riffing, it’s always a good time. The Mads event was no different, although I’ll admit that it was nice of them to do a Q&A afterward, talking about the movies they watch, their days on the old MST3K and what goes into the scripts they create for these events.

You don’t have to have any knowledge or history with MST3K to go to one of these events though, not even the Rifftrax ones. If you’re down for a bad movie and some good jokes, find one of these events and have yourself a good night out.