I’m very much missing my really nice phone right now. I bought it last summer after losing my much NICER phone, one I couldn’t afford to replace the way I wanted to. However, the nice phone I bought as replacement fell out of my pocket on my way out of town two weekends ago. It was a short fall, from the seat of a low car to the curb I was next to at the time. It wasn’t a hard drop and was so short, but the glass on my phone cracked in the corner. The glass is specific and a local place in town quoted me $400 to get it fixed. So I called Samsung and they quoted me less although still way more than I want to pay.

What I love though is that calling customer service (anywhere, really) is an exercise in patience with people balancing listening skills and patience. Even spelling out my name letter by letter meant getting an email addressed to Eladeveth instead of Elizabeth, despite the fact that he somehow got my email perfect.

When I called today to make sure my phone had been received and was being worked on, I was called ma’am twice in every sentence and the guy I talked to tried to give my shipping tracking number twice in answer to the question of whether or not someone was working on it. Patience won out (on I’m sure both sides) and now I know I should be getting it back within the next five or so days. THANK GOODNESS.

In the meantime I reactivated a much older phone that I spent a whole weekend updating before it would work properly. I’m remembering now why I got a new phone — this one gets hot if you’re using it for any time at all and eats the battery like crazy.

Thank goodness for Google cloud based apps though because everything I really need to get to until my real phone is returned to me is available. I’m not lost without my phone, I’m perfectly capable of putting it away for extended periods of time although I often need to have it close for my job. But not having MY phone, the one I use every single day when I pick up a phone to use, has been a real struggle. Everything feels weird and it doesn’t fit my hand right and my audiobook isn’t on it and even if it was I’d have to find the right spot to pick up again. It’s like parallel universe me’s phone. It’s familiar… but not too familiar.